Project Trained/ Oriented GoP Staff
Project Source/Donor Module Types Participant No.
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 76
District Level Trainings Storekeepers / Account Supervisors 851
Computer operators / Data Entry Operators
Orientation Sessions of EDOs, DHOs/DPWOs, DCOs LHW / MNCH 120
CLM Total 1047
(Federal, Provinces & Regions)
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 62
Inventory Management Trainings Store Incharges & storekeepers 160
Orientation Sessions Provincial/District Managers 108
Consumption Reporting Data Entry Operators 859
Orientation Sessions Cluster Lead Incharges 476
Orientation Release 2.0 Provincial/District Managers 28
Orientation on Vaccine Logistics Reporting System Vaccinators 195
Phase-1 Total 1888
vLMIS Scale-up Sindh
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 10
Inventory Management + Consumption Reporting DSV/TSV/Storekeepers/Data Entry Operators 451
Orientation Sessions District & Taluka / Town Managers / Supervisors & EPI Focal Person 276
Training of WHO Staff Area Coordinators/ Polio Eradication Officers 67
Short-term training on EPI Centre Monthly Report Vaccinators 2344
Sindh Scale up-Total 3148
DFID vLMIS Scale-up Punjab
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 29
Inventory Management DSV/TSV/Storekeepers/Data Entry Operators 129
Consumption Reporting Vaccinators/Data Entry Operators 461
Orientation Sessions District & Tehsil Managers / Supervisors & EPI Focal Person 47
Cluster Lead Incharges 211
DFID Total 877
vLMIS Total 5,913
Orientation Sessions Provincial & District Managers DOH Sindh 29
District Level Trainings DHIS Coordinators DOH Sindh 22
LMIS Total 51
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 25
TB-DMIS Total 25
Contraceptive Logistics Manual
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 28
Rollout Trainings Store Incharges & storekeepers 192
Training of Jhpiego staff Jhpiego Staff 18
CLM Total 238
Procurement Manual & Procedures
Provincial Level Trainings Federal and Provincial Logistics / Procurement Officials 108
Procurement Manual & Procedures Total 108
Warehousing SOPs and Monitoring Tools Central Warehouse staff 41
Warehousing SOPs and Monitoring Tools MSD Lahore staff 32
Warehousing Total 73
Supply Chain Management
Provincial/ District Level Trainings on Implanon Insertion & Removal Techniques Provincial/ District Level Medics 180
SCM Total 180
Consolidated Total 7,635
Project Source/Donor Module Types Participant No.
GHSC-PSM (2016 - ongoing) WHO vLMIS (Nation-wide Scale-up)
Training of Trainers Master Trainers 44
Inventory Management & Consumption Reporting District level vLMIS operators 356
Orientation Sessions Storekeepers, ASV, DSV, Data Entry Operators, Data Analyst, Vaccinators 1,536
Nationwide Scale up-Total 1936
USAID vLMIS Provincial Level Trainings Trainings on vLMIS 9
District Level Trainings Refresher Trainings for vLMIS Operators 75
Misc. Total 84
vLMIS Total 2,020

Refresher's Training Refresher Training on cLMIS 44
Orientation Session cLMIS Orientation for DOH Sindh 43
Provincial Level Trainings Capacity building of PWD Staff, MSD Training 31
Data Use & M & E Provinical and District level training 60
District Level Trainings Trainings on WMS, Daily Consumption, cLMIS 392
cLMIS Total 570
UNICEF HLMIS (2019-20) Training of Trainers Master Trainers 37
Rollout Trainings Data Entry Operators 92
HR Total 129
      LMIS Total 2,719
USAID Forecasting & Supply Planning Provincial Level Trainings Training on MNCH 23
      Forecasting Total 23
USAID Procurement Provincial Level Trainings Training on International Procurement 14
USAID Workforce development Provincial Level Trainings Orientation on SCM Course, Workshop on SCM, Training of DEP 81
District Level Trainings Training on SCM PWTI Punjab, Training on District Supply Chain 218
Workforce development Total 299
USAID Strategy & Planning Provincial Level Trainings Workshop on SCM 5
Strategy &PlanningTotal 5
USAID MIS Provincial & Central Level Trainings Trainings (IHIITC, IMU, Data Entry, EHS) 39
District Level Trainings Trainings (IM Module, D-Talk, AIMIS) 127
  MIS Total 166
COVID-19 LMIS NDMA/ CHE/POE/MoNHSR&C/ provincial governments 139
Ventilator Support Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Bio-medical engineers 539
Point of Entries (Provincial) Trainings on Public Health Emergency 411
COVID-19 Total 1089
USAID Infectious Diseases
IDMIS National level Training National Level WMS - Common Management Unit 14
TB Program KP Training IDMIS Provincial and District Level trainings 80
IHHTCP Program KP - Hepatitis Training IDMIS Provincial and Facility Level trainings 72
IDMIS Total 166
Consolidated Total 4,481
Combined Total 12,116